A note from massage therapist, Kingsya Omega Cupping has recently been one of my favorite modalities to offer clients, and here’s why! First of all cupping does not cause bruising, like some might assume. After a cupping session the red circles are barely noticeable and by the next day you cant even feel them. Cupping lifts the muscle, adding a dimension movement to the muscle that we can’t apply as therapists. Since we can push down on the muscle and move it left to right some, lifting the muscle via cupping allows us to manipulate the muscles with a full dimensional rotation for improved chances of tension release. As therapists we only have two hands, and that will probably never change. But with cupping, it gives us extra hands. We can cup as much as 100% of the back for instance, or 50%-75% of the back while our hands work on the remaining surface area. Being able to work on a larger portion of the body (other connected muscles) simultaneously to further increases our ability to facilitate the release of tension, knots and inflammation. And if that wasn’t enough, cupping brings toxins from the blood of the muscle, to the skin where they are released from the bloodstream, improving the health and circulation of the blood. At Sanctuary Spa we offer 60 and 90 minute cupping sessions